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Energetic Work

I use a method based on access to the Akashic Records - an ethereal compendium of all human history and knowledge. From there we can:

  • identify and release past/present life issues/blockages that cause limitations

  • identify restrictive or disruptive energies that cause repeated behavioral patterns

  • tap into the guidance of your different Spirit Guides, to answer your questions of the moment and find / confirm a direction

The energetic clearing releases prominent disruptions, such as:

  • blockages and resistance to change

  • compensatory or adaptive coping mechanisms that no longer serve you

  • contracts and cords that need breaking

This clearing addresses patterns in your life that no longer work and disrupt flow. By helping relieve tension,  and release the energy of negative behaviors, it removes the disruptions that hinder connection with your spiritual life and true nature.

Through this process we can repattern, correct, and restructure energy bodies (chakras, subtle bodies, ect..) to enable the clearing to ground and take hold.

The spiritual guidance allow you to connect with your different spirit guides, and answer your questions of the moment, allowing you to have more clarity on your situation and make the correct decision for you.

1h session

83 eu

Online individual session through a video call

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