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I come from the Basque Country, in the French Pyrenees.

I have always been sensitive to the mystical aspect of life, and to healing in all its forms.

I naturally went towards a professional medical and social care.

In parallel, I explored some shamanic traditions, ceremonies and rituals from European, Amerindian and Mexican origin.

In particular, I investigated the "vision quest", the"swetlodges"/"temazcal", the states of trance through dance and the entheogenic plants.

Amaia Etchart | Hypnothérapie / Hypnotherapy | Travail énergétique / Energetic work | Accompagnement pour femmes / Accompaniment for women

I have developed a special interest in altered states of consciousness, which I have deepened through training in transpersonal hypnotherapy, Human Design and energy work based on the Akhashic records.

Through my personal process and professional experiences, I have found particularly meaningful to specialize in accompanying women.

Today, I am continuing to develop my skills through the training in Gestalt Therapy.

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