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Reading of Self

It is a synthesis between a soul reading and a Human Design reading.

The soul reading is based on your Akashic records to identify certain characteristics of your soul such as its origin, its mission, and its different influences. 
This allows you to have a spiritual understanding of your incarnation/life.

Human Design is a synthesis of astrology, the chakra energy system, Kabbalah, and the I'Ching.
It gives practical and concrete information on how you function, what your strengths, vulnerabilities, and challenges are.

This synthetic reading allows you to articulate the knowledge at the level of the soul and to integrate it concretely through the functioning of your individuality in this life.

It allows you :

  • the discovery and understanding of yourself

  • acceptance and respect of yourself

  • to have more confidence in your talents and abilities

  • restore movement in stagnant areas/aspects of your life

  • make changes in your life that are more aligned with your true nature

1h session

83 eu

Online individual session through a video call

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